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Paul De Grauwe
John Paulson Professor at the London School of Economics


Paul De Grauwe is John Paulson Professor at the London School of Economics. He was a member of the Belgian parliament from 1991 to 2003. He is honorary doctor of the University of Sankt Gallen (Switzerland), the University of Turku (Finland), the University of Genoa, the University of Valencia and Maastricht University. He was a visiting professor at various universities: Paris (Dauphine), Amsterdam, Berlin (Freie Universität and Humboldt), Genoa, Kiel, Milan, Pennsylvania (Wharton School) and Michigan. He obtained his Ph.D from the Johns Hopkins University in 1974. He is an associate research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels and CEPR fellow in London. He is Vice-President of the Portuguese Fiscal Council.

His research interests are in the economics of monetary unions and behavioural macroeconomics. His book publications include: “The Limits of the Market”, Oxford University Press, 2017, “The Economics of Monetary Union”, Oxford University Press, 13th Edition, 2020, “Lectures on Behavioral Macroeconomics”, Princeton University Press, 2012, and Behavioural Macroeconomics. Theory and Policy, 2019, (co-authored with Yuemei Ji), Oxford University Press



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