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Business Information & Credit Risk Solutions

ICAP CRIF products and services can help you turn information into insight to develop conclusive, fact-based strategies that will help you gain a competitive edge and transform your enterprise into a nimble, customer-focused, more profitable business..


ICAP CRIF S.A. is one of the very few companies in Europe, approved as “Credit Rating Agency” by the European Securities and Markets Authority. This is a very significant recognition of the methodology we use to rate the strength of the companies and their ability to meet their financial obligations. Within the scope of our core business and through the certified Rating and Scoring, we support making credit decisions for over 1 million business transactions per year.



ICAP CRIF’s Credit Risk Services supply integrated and updated commercial and financial data driven from ICAP CRIF Database, the largest business database in Southeastern Europe, which includes 3 million companies in 4 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania & Cyprus).

The most reliable source of Business Information

The Business Reports of ICAP CRIF are a reliable source of information and can help you form an opinion regarding the operation, profitability and stability of a given firm. They are specially designed to provide all the information you may need to reach partnership decisions, since they offer detailed data on the subject company’s commercial activity, premises, management and holdings in affiliated businesses, financial indicators and payment history as well as the proprietary ICAP CRIF Score* and proposed credit limit.

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*ICAP CRIF Score expresses an estimation of a company’s credit quality with respect to the probability of default and/or bankruptcy within a one – year time horizon. This estimation is based on an analysis of commercial, financial and trading data derived from public sources.

Business Reports for Bulgarian, Greek, Cypriot and Romanian companies are available through subscription-based access to the online platform


Our wide variety of Business Reports help companies and lenders detect potential commercial and credit risk and better manage risk in commercial transactions and throughout the customer lifecycle.

In addition, the Alert Service offers continuous monitoring on an annual basis and provides early warnings for any significant events or changes that have or may have an adverse effect on the credit assessment or financial position of the companies you are trading with.

Analyze and monitor the underlying risks in your customer portfolio

The Portfolio Analysis solution, available through the online platform ICAPB2B.BG, enables you to pinpoint the main areas of risk and opportunity. It leads you to a better targeting of your credit management resources and a clearer, more informed view of which credit policies are most appropriate for your business.

The Portfolio Analysis solution provides you with four types of aggregated analysis together with the ability to ‘drill through’, to view more details on individual customers, as well as an immediate access to ICAP CRIF business information reports. Historical trend charts at the portfolio level add a critical rear-view analysis of your credit policies, while the Alerts service allows you to track any changes occurring in the companies.


With the Portfolio Analysis you can:

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  • View the distribution of companies based on their creditworthiness, expressed through ICAP CRIF Credit Score;
  • Evaluate the risk of Non-Payment based on the data derived from the Trade Exchange program– the only Commercial Payment Registry in Bulgaria;
  • Monitor your portfolio by receiving alerts for changes occurring in the companies and be informed intime when negative events occur;
  • View distribution of the companies in the portfolio based on their financial performance.

Make informed decisions for your business transactions abroad

Though ICAP CRIF’s exclusive representation of Dun&Bradstreet, the world’s leading provider of business information, you can gain access to instant information on 300 million companies in more than 190 countries.

A wide range of products and services, delivered through cutting-edge online platforms, enable you to reach the right kind of information to make informed decisions for your business abroad.


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Country Risk Report

The Country Risk Reports provide critical information to companies aiming for expansion into certain foreign countries by analyzing the current commercial, economic, political, investment environment and considering the risk involved in doing business in them.


International Business Reports

The International Business Reports provide a complete picture of the financial situation of each investigated business entity, as well as assessment of the creditworthiness and the potential risk associated with the transactions with this entity. You can choose between different types of Business Reports depending on the type and extensiveness of the information that you require.

Additionally, you can monitor the activity of companies and receive alerts about changes in the profile and the company’s operations, its creditworthiness, financial situation and business development.

Business Family Tree

Deciphering commercial relationships between companies, groups and individuals, is a crucial and complicated proccess with numerous benefits.


ICAP CRIF’s Business Family Tree simplifies the proccess, by allowing you to focus on how to tackle any posed threats while capitalizing on new opportunities, hidden within the network of your clients and suppliers.



Through modern and easy to use visualization of the above linkages you can:

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  • Expand or collapse a parent or subsidiary and all its immediate child locations, making larger trees easier to navigate
  • Filter the displayed entities to quickly identify specific relationships of persons, companies and Groups
  • Gain transparency to >5mil. business relationships and enrich your view of risk mitigation and growth opportunities
  • Save your investigations for future reference and with the option to dynamically update data
  • Upload a list of entities and get a full view of their business relationships


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The most comprehensive business intelligence tool for in-depth analysis of financial and commercial data

Data.Prisma is ICAP CRIF’s most comprehensive business intelligence tool for in-depth analysis of financial and commercial data, for the primary purpose of business development through refined company profiling.

The application has been designed aiming to provide customers with immediate access to comprehensive set of business information of a preselected universe of business entities. It offers at the same time all the necessary tools for aggregating, analysing, profiling and reporting all information provided by the system, enabling companies to identify new customers, search for partners’ information and assist the overall day-to-day operations of multiple departments.


The Data.Prisma application offers:

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  • Extensive search functionalities for easy access to any business entity
  • Drill-through capabilities for faster in-depth analysis
  • Customizable dashboards and reports, adapting to the specific customer needs
  • Default Analysis of User Samples, Comparisons and Rankings simplifying the analytics process
  • Advanced and interactive reporting capabilities
  • Advanced financial and statistical analysis capabilities

Continuous monitoring of sectors in the Bulgarian economy

Today’s fast-moving market and competitive environment makes it imperative for companies to know where they stand in relation to competition, as well as the dynamics and opportunities of their sector.

ICAP CRIF’s Sector Studies comprise an in-depth analysis of the structure, developments and prospects of the various sectors of the Bulgarian economy.

Each year, ICAP CRIF in Bulgaria plans and carries out more than 30 Sector Studies in order to support and boost the activity of companies.

Compliance Solutions

Compliance leaders today are challenged to meet evolving regulations while keeping a strategic eye on growth opportunities and moving at the speed of business.

Any company that relies on manual processes and information consolidation to comply with Customer and Third-Party Due Diligence is likely to feel some pain. This comes not only from the hard work involved in tedious research, but also from slowing operational momentum, causing frustration among senior executives and the sales team, and dealing with errors that can be costly—from financial, regulatory, and reputational perspectives.

Driving faster decision making and reducing inefficiencies through automation

D&B Onboard is a comprehensive online research tool that provides streamlined access to information that helps verify the identity of businesses and principals and screen them for compliance risk.

It electronically documents your due diligence process for easy storage and retrieval to provide evidence to internal auditors and external regulators. It’s a user-friendly, intuitive solution that enables more thorough due diligence for faster, knowledge-based compliance decisions.


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D&B Onboard facilitates compliance decision-making in three simple steps

D&B Onboard delivers seamless access to all your compliance needs – in one place.

It provides:

  • Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Identification Information
  • Complete, accurate, up-to-date firmographic, operational and financial information on over 300 million business records
  • D&B’s D-U-N-S® Number to tie all relevant information to the right business identity
  • Corporate Linkage to see the complete picture of a business’ global family tree
  • Business principals to help determine what individuals to evaluate for compliance risk
  • Reputable External Compliance-Specific Information
  • Over 400 watch and sanctions lists
  • Over 200,000 politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Over 10k news sourcesfor adverse global media coverage
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