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Trade Exchange Programme

ICAP CRIF and Dun & Bradstreet Commercial Payments Registry

ICAP CRIF presents the only credit information exchange network in Bulgaria – the Trade Exchange Programme. It combines ICAP CRIF’s credibility and expertise in Database Management and Credit Risk Assessment with the long-standing knowledge and experience of Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), which as the worldwide leader in the field of Business Information has already established similar networks in 55 countries. Trade Exchange is based on D&B’s worldwide practice but has been implemented exclusively by ICAP CRIF, taking into consideration the specific conditions of the markets in Southeastern Europe.


The Registry is an information exchange network designed to build reliable and updated assessment on the transactional payment behaviour of companies. It is based on the monthly analysis of the timeliness of payments of a Partner’s invoices. In that manner, the Partners can understand the transactional behaviour of companies towards other Partners, as well as towards themselves, transforming an isolated image into a full transactional profile that helps better measure commercial risk and improve credit policy structure.


The Registry functions as a local and global online platform providing Partners with a live view on their portfolio’s and the entire market’s corporate payment behaviour trends.

Participation in the Registry is not paid for by the Partners. The identity of the Partners and all the data they supply to ICAP CRIF are strictly confidential.



More information about the Programme and how to become a member can be found on We would be pleased to answer your questions at

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