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Credit Risk Services

The new era of 360 risk intelligence

Meet the challenges of Credit Risk Management, the estimation of bad debt and the projected cash flow plans. The Credit.Eye application combines 3 main sources of information in order to provide a complete 360° view of each customer.

  • Internal Analysis
    With data from the company’s ERP, analyzing invoices and calculating Internal Risk Index & Internal Payment Performance.
  • External Analysis
    With data derived from ICAP Databank, providing the ICAP Score and ICAP Credit Limit.
  • Qualitative Analysis
    With internal Qualitative Score derived from qualitative insight from inside your organization.

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Credit.Eye presents the aggregated picture of the companies you are cooperating with, while evaluating their risk

  • Evaluation of each company with data from the ERP (invoices)
  • Evaluation of each company based on business information data derived from ICAP*
  • Evaluation of each company based on internal, qualitative data
  • Credit Policy – On-going monitoring – Notifications (Credit Watch) per company
  • Profitability and Payment Pattern per company
  • Historical data and trends per company


Credit.Eye offers multiple benefits to a business:

  • A comprehensive business intelligence system
  • Save time from searching and analyzing financial data of current
  • and potential customers from various market sources
  • Create a complete creditworthiness profile for each customer
  • Easily define and fine-tune the credit policy per customer
  • Quick view of each customer’s payment pattern and profitability
  • Estimation of possible uncollected amounts per customer
  • Estimation of total possible “bad debt”
  • Cash flow expectations and uncollected receivables schedule
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