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ICAP Employment Solutions has been successfully operating since 1999 with branch offices in five Greek cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa, Patra, Heraclion) and has a strong presence in Southeastern Europe, with subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Cyprus, offering end to end recruitment solutions.


With more than 2.500 employees working at its clients’ premises, ICAP Employment Solutions is distinguished for its consistency in offering services that add real value to  customers.



The company’s customer portfolio consists of clients from various sectors, such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Tourism, Retail, Information   Technology and Health Sectors.


In 2015, ICAP Employment Solutions received, in the context of HR Community Awards, the bronze award in the category “Transboundary HR Management”.


The division of Employment Solutions provides a wide range of services:

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URL: www.icapjobs.gr

Staffing Solutions

ICAP Employment Solutions offers staffing solutions that cover short or long term needs with specialized workforce. Our specialized recruitment consultants undertake to carry out the entire recruitment cycle, covering seasonal needs (due to extra workload, maternity leaves, sickness leaves, etc.) as well as long term requirements of projects.


Benefits of  Temporary Employment:

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  • Avoiding dismissal reasons, through multiple renewed contracts
  • Monitoring of legislative changes, in order to avoid mistakes and fines
  • Simplification of procedures (exemption from wage and insurance obligations)
  • Immediate availability of experienced and specialized staff
  • Timely coverage of seasonal or unexpected needs
  • Effective staff management (publication of reports and forecasts)
  • Controlled payroll management (budgeting)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions has a proven record of successful recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and customized recruitment projects, delivering best practices into the businesses we support.

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions is committed to providing high quality services to meet our clients’ needs, offering full end to end RPO, or recruitment solutions (sourcing, screening, assessments, offer management, exit interviews etc.).


Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

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  • Outsourcing all or part of your recruitment processes saves your organization time and money, since our experienced recruitment consultants undertake to carry out the project for you.
  • Saves your organization time and money, since our experienced recruitment consultants undertake to carry out the project utilizing streamlined recruitment processes and best practices with monitored transparency and they have direct access to professional networks and talent pools.
  • Furthermore, the use of RPO improves the quality of hire since all KPI’s are set up specifically to meet the needs of the specific project, ensuring compliance with the company’s procedures and processes.

Payroll Services

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions fully undertakes to efficiently and effectively calculate and carry out the payroll processes of your organization, offering compliance to the labor law, confidentiality, accuracy of results and cost control.

Experienced consultants are dedicated to each project, undertaking full responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations and the compliance with the legal authorities.

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Through the outsourcing of payroll, the cost of this function is controlled accurately and is reduced, since ICAP Outsourcing Solutions undertakes the updates of the IT infrastructure and continuous training of personnel on labor law issues.

ICAP Outsourcing Solution monitors, records and controls the working hours of each employee, providing:

  • Payroll Calculation
  • Reporting and Forecasting

Outsourcing Services

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions provides a variety of outsourcing services for full time, part time, temporary or permanent needs of your organization offering a full service line which includes:

  • The sourcing and recruitment of personnel, which has been previously defined to meet the needs not only of the position but of the organization as well
  • Preparing and signing of employment contracts
  • Submitting relevant paperwork to public authorities
  • Calculating and carrying out payroll
  • Providing full staff administrative services to both employees and clients


Benefits of Outsourcing Services:


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  • Cost Reduction & Control
  • Expertise available in a short period of time
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Simplification of administrative tasks
  • Efficient personnel management

Managed Services

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions acts as a true business partner, creating and delivering solutions with mesurable results that enable companies to focus on their operational functions and strategic business needs.

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions undertakes to carry out, fully or partially, secondary procedures of your organization, that are not identified with the core business, based on Service Level Agreements.


The procedure for the Managed Services is as follows:  

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  • The process that is to be undertaken is recorded
  • The parameters of the process are defined, so to ensure its autonomy
  • Staffing  needs are covered, as well as equipment needs, when and if necessary


As the benefits of Managed Services practices emerge (process automation, operation cost reduction), companies are enabled to move their resources to most efficient tasks. The organization’s results increase leading to new and innovative Managed Services uses.

Field Marketing Services

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions provides end-to-end Field Marketing Solutions and is capable of taking over the full management of a project.

By exploiting our expertise in the fields of search, selection, and management of employees and also by utilizing the latest technologies, we ensure best management processes.


Main focus on specialties:


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  • Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Promotion
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Auditing
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