Risk.Profiler – Risk Solution for Banks - ICAP CRIF

Risk.Profiler – Risk Solution for Banks

Risk.Profiler is a next generation risk assessment platform that ranks Bank clients according to their Credit Risk Profile (Scoring & Ratings), increases user effectiveness and efficiency by supporting day-to-day operations, monitors client performance, and generates automated reports for the monitoring of the credit portfolio.


Main Features:

  • Interface with an internal database;
  • Entry of quantitative & qualitative customer evaluation data;
  • Credit model implementation and ranking of clients by Credit Rating – Scores;
  • Activation of credit model implementation with predefined trigger events or by user selection;
  • Maintenance of a database with historical data (data will be used for modeling in the future);
  • Reporting;
  • Link to external workflow execution applications e.g. LOS, Collections.


It has specific functionalities that meet specific needs of Banks:


Early Warning Signals Module with the following main features:

  • Compile alerts from internal sources and from the ICAP CRIF database;
  • Evaluate alerts in terms of importance;
  • Classify debtors into Risk Categories;
  • Create a list of actions, for each Risk Category;
  • Central Control – Display of alerts;
  • Export lists & enable emails;
  • Update the Reviews workflow;
  • Link to external workflow applications.


IFRS9 Module with the following main features:

  • Models and automated process, in accordance with the accounting standard’s requirements;
  • Use of the one-yr PD from the Ratings Module for ensuring consistency in the Credit process and IFRS;
  • Loan/Exposure assessment across the Retail & Corporate Banking spectrum;
  • Auto-feed data through the interface with the Bank’s database;
  • One-year, Lifetime PD calculation models at Exposure level;
  • Ranking by stages and rules-based ranking changes;
  • Macroeconomic scenario functionality;
  • Exposure at Default (EAD), Loss Given Default (LGD), Expected Loss (EL) calculations;
  • Report generation with final forecasts, to feed into the accounting process.


NPE Management Module where:

  • Appropriate algorithms and quantitative and qualitative criteria are used to measure a company’s viability;
  • The Borrower’s Debt Service Capacity is calculated, whether a business, a natural person or a freelancer, and the Feasible Amount for servicing the loan is determined;
  • Portfolio analysis is carried out both at the level of individual loans and at the level of all the loans of a specific borrower.
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