ICAP CRIF: Celebrates New Era as ICAP CRIF - ICAP CRIF

ICAP CRIF: Celebrates New Era as ICAP CRIF

Athens, October 10, 2022


Together to the next level!
ICAP CRIF: celebrating the new era as ICAP CRIF!

ICAP CRIF held an official event at the Italian Embassy to celebrate its new era as a wholly owned company of CRIF, with the participation of 130 distinguished guests.
Speeches were delivered by:
• Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Italy in Greece, Patrizia Falcinelli,
• The Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of CRIF S.p.A., Carlo Gherardi,
• Τhe President and CEO of ICAP CRIF, Nikitas Konstantellos

The Event was supported by the Hellenic Italian Chamber of Athens.

CRIF (www.crif.com) is a very successful global company with 6,200 professionals in 40 countries on 4 continents, specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions.

ΙCAP CRIF,(www.icapcrif.com) a high profile company with a rich 58-year history and an institutional role as the only Credit Rating Agency in Greece, made an important step forward by joining a leading organization. Today, ICAP CRIF is an important hub within the large CRIF family, and continues to operate as one company in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and Cyprus managed by the same executives.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of CRIF S.p.A., Carlo Gherardi, stated, “We are very pleased to have ICAP CRIF in the global CRIF family, thus strengthening our leading presence in Southeast Europe. A shared commitment remains to focus on providing integrated solutions capable of minimizing portfolio losses, maximizing returns, and helping our clients’ long-term sustainable growth. Through this acquisition, CRIF has expanded its expertise and innovative solutions to SE Europe, helping both our local companies and our global clients to continue to grow and innovate.”

The President and CEO of the ICAP CRIF group of companies, Nikitas Konstantellos, stated, “We, the people of ICAP CRIF, are extremely pleased to be part of the great CRIF family and have already started with enthusiasm and confidence on an exciting new journey which we’re eager to make another success story! We remain committed to helping our clients to grow substantially and sustainably and want to assure them that the new ICAP CRIF era will be very beneficial to them, as they will have access to a wealth of advanced CRIF Solutions that ICAP CRIF has already started offering in our region. Together to the next level!”.


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