Board of Directors & Executive Committee - ICAP CRIF

Board of Directors & Executive Committee

Chairman & CEO: Nikitas Konstantellos
Vice Chairman: Roberto Muzzi, Business Development Manager, CRIF



George Christodoulakis, Executive Member of BoD, Head of CRA and Assoc. Professor of Finance, Alliance Manchester Business School

Paola Galassi, Executive Director – Global B2B & B2C Information Services , CRIF

Marco Preti, Managing Director, CRIF

Nikitas Konstantellos, President & Group CEO

George Kourtis, Deputy Group CEO

Elias Alevizos (Human Capital)

Fani Drakopoulou (Business Information)

Dimitris Grivas (Information Technology)

Serko Kougioumtzian (Sales and Marketing)

Angelos Kyriopoulos (Finance)

Theodore Polydoros (Bulgaria)

Alexandra Predeanu – Mehedintu (Romania)

Apostolos Tsoubris (Consulting)

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