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ICAP CRIF products and services can help you turn information into insight to develop conclusive, fact-based strategies that will help you gain a competitive edge and transform your enterprise into a nimble, customer-focused, more profitable business..


ICAP CRIF S.A. is one of the very few companies in Europe, approved as “Credit Rating Agency” by the European Securities and Markets Authority. This is a very significant recognition of the methodology we use to rate the strength of the companies and their ability to meet their financial obligations. Within the scope of our core business and through the certified Rating and Scoring, we support making credit decisions for over 1 million business transactions per year.

ICAP CRIF’s Credit Risk Services supply integrated and updated commercial and financial data driven from the largest business database in Southeastern Europe, which includes 3 million companies in 4 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania & Cyprus).

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Business Reports

ICAP CRIF Business Reports are a unique source of business information that can offer reliable insights into the operation, profitability, and stability of a business.  They are efficiently designed to provide all necessary information to support your business decisions, including detailed information on the company under review, regarding its operation, facilities, management, and holdings in other companies. Reports also offer economic indicators, payments history, and the company’s ICAP CRIF Score with the respective, proposed credit limit.


Business Reports are available in the following formats:

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ICAP CRIF provides information on 2.5 million businesses in the Balkans, specifically Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus. It assesses market needs in each country and offers company monitoring services (Watch) on an annual basis, follows developments, and promptly informs you of potential changes to any figures of a company

Financial Statements

Financial Statements relate to a Company or Sector and include the historical evolution of accounts and ratios.

  1. Balance Sheet 6 years
  2. Balance Sheet 3 years
  3. Balance Sheet 3 years & Sector Ratios
  4. Compact Balance Sheet 3 years

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Gain a deeper understanding of the total risk associated with your partnerships, allowing for informed decision-making and enhanced risk management.

Key Benefits of the new Portfolio Analysis feature:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Actionable Insights
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Interactive Analysis & Segmentation


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Transaction (Alert) Reports

Up-to-date information on your customers’ transactional behaviour and events that may affect your partnerships. Combined with commercial and financial details, this information equips you with the right arguments to support low- or medium-risk decisions.
All alert products can be combined with the annual Watch service, which constantly monitors the trading behaviour of the company under review along with significant events affecting such company and notifies you immediately.

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Business Family Tree

Deciphering commercial relationships between companies, groups and individuals, is a crucial and complicated proccess with numerous benefits.


ICAP CRIF’s Business Family Tree simplifies the proccess, by allowing you to focus on how to tackle any posed threats while capitalizing on new opportunities, hidden within the network of your clients and suppliers.


Through modern and easy to use visualization of the above linkages you can:

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  • Expand or collapse a parent or subsidiary and all its immediate child locations, making larger trees easier to navigate
  • Filter the displayed entities to quickly identify specific relationships of persons, companies and Groups
  • Gain transparency to >5mil. business relationships and enrich your view of risk mitigation and growth opportunities
  • Save your investigations for future reference and with the option to dynamically update data
  • Upload a list of entities and get a full view of their business relationships


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Data.Prisma – Financial Data Analysis Tool

Data.Prisma is a modern tool for analysing financial and basic commercial data of companies and sectors, providing the ability to generate reports, lists, and company samples based on your needs.


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– Financial data analysis on companies, sectors, and samples

  • Search by multiple filters and ability to further dive into diagrams in order to immediately identify information
  • Detailed, summary and original corporate and sectoral balance sheets and ratios with 10-year historic data
  • Classification of companies by sector or based on a selected sample
  • Generation of company samples within or across sectors
  • Categorisation by historic data and sectoral trends
  • Consolidated balance sheets of sectors, samples, and groups
  • Geographical distribution of search results
  • Search companies by trends (e.g. 5% increase in sales over the past 3 years)


– Comparison of data on companies, sectors, and samples

  • Comparison of ratios and balance sheet items
  • Trends Comparison
  • Simultaneous comparison of companies, sectors, samples
  • Discover and compare a company’s peers


– Data export – generation of a list of companies

  • Configurable default reports
  • Criteria-based generation of a list of companies
  • Company, sector and sample information extraction
  • Financial data extraction in editable form


Searching for companies based on standardized comments from Certified Auditors is an extremely time consuming process that also requires access to various different data sources.


ICAP CRIF’s Audit.Spot platform provides the capability to search for companies based on comments from Certified Auditors, allowing users to expand their investigation of companies’ financial position and performance.


Audit.Spot platform has the ability to:

  • Display companies selected based on Auditing firm and/or Certified Auditor
  • Filter companies based on additional criteria like financial year and comment category
  • Export results

Sectorial Studies & Ad hoc Studies

Since 1991, ICAP CRIF has been mapping the Greek market carrying out sector studies that cover more than 850,000 enterprises, mainly based on primary research on companies and secondary research on competent bodies of the sectors under review.


More than 200 sectors have been analysed in order to compile reliable and up-to-date information.


  • Sector risk analysis and outlook
  • Proposals on strengthening the competitiveness of the sector’s companies
  • Breakdown of the sector’s companies by region and legal form
  • The best companies based on selected balance sheet accounts and ratios

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Along with Sector Studies you may also receive:


  • the Benchmarking tool in Excel format to benchmark each company’s financial indicators against the entire sector
  • the Updated Financial Analysis and Balance Sheets of the companies covered by the study


For more information regarding the content you can contact us, either by phone at 210 72 00 050, or via email at  .


In addition to sector studies, ICAP CRIF is actively engaged in carrying out ad-hoc studies covering specific needs of the private and broader public sector bodies.

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