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Customer Portfolio Analysis & Credit Risk Services

Gain an understanding of your Customer & and your Credit Risk by utilizing our specialized tools and services.

Minimize portfolio losses, maximize returns and build long-term growth by focusing, not only on the number of customers you serve, but on the profitability and risk associated with each group of customers and measure the performance along several dimensions.

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Credit Risk

The Credit Risk service assesses the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of your clients through the use of Credit Scoring applications (nine different credit models incorporating the guidelines of the Basel Committee and the European Union).

The aim of this service is to assess the characteristics of your clients, rate them in creditworthiness zones – ICAP CRIF Score zones – and predict probability of default (PD). Besides, it allows you to measure your total risk exposure and suggests ways to mitigate risk.


This service can be paired with an annual monitoring so the risk analysis will always be up to date:

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Credit Risk & Watch

The Credit Watch service offers continuous monitoring on an annual basis and provides early warnings for any significant events or changes that affect or are likely to affect the creditworthiness or financial position of the companies with which you do business.
Combining the Credit Risk service with the annual Credit Risk & Watch monitoring, you obtain a dynamically updated credit risk analysis of your customers, whereby the analysis is daily updated with any changes in the companies under review

You can find more details about the credit risk analysis service and the available products here.

Credit.Eye – Credit Policy Solution


The Credit.Eye platform is a solution that informs you on your total credit risk exposure by utilising all available sources of information. It combines three main information and processing sources in order to provide an integrated 360° picture of your clients individually.


 Internal Information – Internal Analysis

Deriving data from the company’s ERP, client invoices are analysed and the Internal Risk Index, the Internal Payment Performance, and Internal Credit Limit for each client are calculated.


 Information from ICAP CRIF – External Analysis

Deriving data from ICAP CRIF’s business information base, corporate information is provided for each client, including key data, ICAP CRIF Score, ICAP CRIF Business Transaction Index, and ICAP CRIF Credit Limit.


 Qualitative Analysis

Deriving client data entered by company executives, to generate a Qualitative Score – Scorecard and be considered in the client’s assessment

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Credit.Eye can be installed either on your systems or in a cloud environment; it provides an instant and effective 360o view of your business partners.

Trade Exchange Program

The Trade Exchange Program is the only Client Payment Behaviour Information Network in Greece. Program members are exclusively informed on the transactional behaviour and credit exposure of their clients. By utilising this information, they can design credit risk prevention and cooperation review procedures for each of their individual clients.

Overall, the B2B database of the Trade Exchange Program contains records of over 30 million transactions/behaviours referring to more than 200,000 Tax Identification Numbers in Greece. Financial executives increasingly exchange client behaviour details anonymously each month. As an administrator, ICAP CRIF fully informs members and provides answers to questions such as:

  • How many days on average do my clients delay their payments to my company versus payments to the rest of the market?
  • How many credit days does the market offer to my clients?
  • How can I reduce risk?
  • How can I reduce bad debts?
  • Which sectors and/or clients can I establish further cooperation with?
  • What is my clients’ credit exposure to the market?
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