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Consulting, Analytics & Technologies

ICAP CRIF helps its customers on a daily basis to take the right decisions through a distinctive mix of business knowledge, information and technology, incorporated within an offering of solutions recognized by its customers on a regional level.

At ICAP CRIF we provide an integrated framework of strategic, business, and operational design consulting services and technology solutions, contributing to the development and implementation of an effective strategy and ensuring the achievement of its objectives.

Our customers’ needs present us with a challenge that highlights our innovative thinking, our experiences, knowledge of market trends, the application of advanced analytical methods to customer business data, and our ability to combine the above and to apply appropriate technological solutions, to reach the desired end-result: solutions and services which return significant and measurable value to our customers.

Digitalization transforms the ways in which it is possible to support markets in a disruptive way, improving customer engagement and the customer experience. What’s more, in many sectors disintermediation processes are rapidly accelerating, leading distributors and manufacturers to offer increasingly sophisticated services and products and to create new cross-industry value chains.

ICAP CRIF became a CRIF company and enriched the solution portfolio with “CRIF Digital” solutions. Continuous innovation, the use of the most advanced technologies, and an information management culture are inherent characteristics of CRIF’s DNA and underlie the significant investments in research and development.

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