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Business & Strategy Consulting

Business Planning

Preparing a strategic business plan with appropriate alternative scenarios helps achieve the goals and gain a comparative advantage over your competitors.

ICAP CRIF Management Consultants have extensive knowledge and vast experience in business and strategic design and in investment strategy in all major areas of corporate activity (marketing, management, financing).

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Business plans and feasibility studies include strategic business planning for a different purpose each time. Such projects are mainly requested for financing purposes. Additional areas of specialisation include the implementation of investment projects and the performance measurement of strategic decisions, through evaluation and monitoring of the action plan under approval and/or implementation.

Business Process Reengineering

Well-designed business procedures, effective execution, and systematic performance monitoring allow businesses to align internal operations with customer needs. This process appropriately supports business executives in determining how they identify, monitor and measure business targets. When the implementation of business processes is rational, this leads to multiple advantages to be found in cost reduction, efficiency and productivity gains, minimising errors, and risks, protecting and optimising company resources.

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The application of best practices in the management of processes helps a business reach its targets.

By combining consulting services and best practices with state-of-the-art technology platforms, ICAP CRIF management consultants support medium-sized and large companies to achieve business excellence through effective management and improvement of business processes.

Peer, segment and industry analysis

ICAP CRIF Consultants have carried out numerous market studies with strong sectoral characteristics at both country and regional level, for many companies active in both the private and public sectors. Market studies essentially address the need for companies to probe consumers’ views on their brand, regarding one or more products. Moreover, public bodies such as chambers of commerce and industry or municipalities, seek to leverage such studies to assess and measure many elements in their geographical region, with a view to proposing and implementing effective economic policies in cooperation with the State.

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Regional and development studies measure and analyse issues such as the position of a local economy compared to the country as a whole or to similarly-sized prefectures, sectoral activity within a prefecture or specific geographical area, and the respective trends of the European and global market.

Exports Consulting

In the context of their strategic partnership, ICAP CRIF and DK Marketing are providing new ‘Export Consulting’ services, transferring considerable expertise and experience to support businesses on how to be extrovert.

The ‘Export Consulting’ service bundle helps businesses become more extrovert in a targeted manner, by identifying, among others, markets abroad where they could market their products. The aim is to create competitive products and services, that will gain the trust of the target market while increasing their sales.

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Our combined services focus on issues such as Strategic Export-Oriented Marketing Action Plan, Exports Promotion, Secondary Market Research, Competition Analysis, Consumer Insights by Product Category, Product Packaging Consulting and prototyping assistance, Creation of a dynamic website to boost extroversion, Promotional Commercial Planning aimed at increased sales and new markets penetration.

Sustainability & ESG Services and Solutions

One important and always topical issue in the operation of a company is its performance on environmental, social and governance issues, commonly known as Environment Social & Governance (ESG) criteria.

A company’s ESG performance demonstrably influences its overall assessment, operates as a tool for benchmarking with its competitors and, in combination with its financial results, affects capital and investment inflows, as well as its viability.

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ICAP CRIF supports the business community in this respect by developing an ESG strategy and transforming it into measurable targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). We cover all three areas, Environmental, Social and Governance, by providing a comprehensive set of services.

Our solution portfolio covers ESG consulting and advisory services on strategy, credit risk assessment and software solutions as well such as the ESG Climate Impact assessment solution.

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