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Compliance Services


ICAP CRIF provides specialised consultancy services on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), combining consultants with extensive data protection experience with specialised legal advisers. In addition to reviewing compliance with the Regulation, we also offer a DPO outsourcing solution for those companies wishing to assign this role to a team of consultants with the necessary experience. The main aim is to provide guidance on continuous compliance but also to timely address any issues that may arise in the operation of the business relating to personal data management.

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For us at ICAP CRIF, GDPR is not a one-time exercise by the company, but a continuous effort to ensure that personal data are processed in accordance with the rules and conditions laid down by the supervisory authority.

RegTech Solutions & Services

As the economy develops, complex partnership patterns emerge, trading data increase and new rules of regulatory compliance and order are rapidly being introduced into the market. With the ensuing complexity and speed of evolution, traditional compliance methods are unable to effectively rise to this challenge. There is a growing need to use smart software and tools to address these issues.

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Tools that can handle all kinds of information and that can identify potential risks and infringement of regulatory provisions, using smart algorithms and business intelligence.

ICAP CRIF consultants provide both services and technological solutions to design and implement policies and services that will assist organisations in key areas of compliance and risk avoidance as regards AML, KYC, MiFID II, Basel III and PSD2.

ICAP CRIF Compliance Services

Recognizing the dominant role that Corporate Compliance plays today, Comply.Data (member of ICAP CRIF Group of Companies) has created a structured Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) framework, based on both the long-term experience and expertise of its executives and the capabilities of the ICAP CRIF Compliance Officer System technology that supports and automates all corporate functions. More specifically, the combination of the unlimited system capabilities and the specialized team of executives that supports and advises on a 24/7 basis, offers all benefits and advantages of full implementation and monitoring of every Corporate Regulatory Compliance.

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