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Customer Experience & Analytics Services

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

ICAP CRIF provides integrated design and implementation solutions for effective customer interaction and reward programmes. We work together with our customers to design or redesign loyalty programs tailored to their specific characteristics and help them achieve their strategic goals through these programs. Our services include:

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  • Study and design of the interfaces and customer interaction with the company
  • Preparation of the loyalty programme design
  • Assessment of the existing programme
  • Design of registration and reward procedures
  • Implementation of a loyalty programme
  • Continuous monitoring of the programme and customer behaviour analysis.
  • Identify and monitor the various segments to create appropriate promotions
  • Design strategies to attract and retain members to the programme
  • Programme operation and member service support.
  • Introduction of modern customer attraction and retention techniques such as Gamification

Digital Onboarding and Remote Selling

As customer contacts with physical shops decline and digital contacts increase, there is a need for technological solutions to support the new way of working and interacting.

ICAP CRIF offers an integrated Digital Onboarding solution that offers a modern experience to a business’s customers while enabling prospecting at very low cost. By visiting the business’s website, a customer can complete their registration and open an account (if a bank) electronically and in full compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Digital onboarding can be combined with Remote Selling. A solution which supports video and voice remote communication, negotiations and contract signing. The new digital way to transact.

The above solutions can be completed with ICAP CRIF KYC and AML services and solutions, if needed. The services can be provided as outsourcing service as well in combination with specialized call center services.

Customer and Marketing AI Solutions 

We provide a multitude of technological solutions that incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their design. Our effort is to maximise the use of such solutions to make the way we manage a business’s customers and marketing activities smarter.


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We also provide integrated chatbot solutions to integrate digital sales and customer service channels. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we can simulate communication with end-users in natural language (English and Greek) through a messaging environment. Using this technology, we can simulate the company’s communication with users and provide answers to either simple questions (FAQs) or more complex questions with the appropriate interface to the company’s information systems. Using this technology, companies improve their customers’ experience by enabling 24/7 communication, while improving response time. At the same time, they reduce customer service cost by shifting resources to new opportunities for value-added services. The service is also provided as an outsourcing service, combined, as an option, with telephone switchboard services.

Data management and BI Solutions

ICAP CRIF provides data management and business information services, building on its many years of experience in developing and managing databases and providing information to companies for more than fifty-five years. It has established strategic partnerships with international software companies to offer high-standard solutions to its customers and meet their information needs.

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Information hidden within data stored in a company’s various systems and databases is the biggest asset of a business. Utilising this information can offer a great advantage over competitors and the challenges companies are facing in the modern business environment. ICAP CRIF consultants can assist our customers to leverage this information and allow decision-making to be based on reliable and prompt information. ICAP CRIF’s business intelligence and information management solutions meet a wide range of needs such as Datawarehouse design, setting KPIs for tracking, and the implementation of reports and dashboards for easy and reliable access to information. These solutions also include data mining services for extracting information by applying appropriate algorithms and identifying behaviours characteristic of the clientele.

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