Digital Transformation & Performance Management Services - ICAP CRIF

Digital Transformation & Performance Management Services

Balanced Scorecard Strategy and Performance 

ICAP CRIF has a business Strategic Design and Performance Management System, based on the innovative Execution Premium Process (XPP) methodology, to provide businesses with services to help them build a performance measurement environment regarding both the strategy they adopt and the business processes they apply and stakeholders involved in them. A key objective of the implementation of a Performance Management system is to effectively move to a new organisational and operational model by systematically evaluating the work carried out in terms of outputs, results and impacts, rapidly drawing conclusions about the results of the business.

Sales Performance Management Solutions

ICAP CRIF, a strategic partner of Varicent (formerly IBM Business), markets in Greece the leading international commissions payment and sales management system. Combined with ICAP CRIF’s many years of experience in improving business performance, we can better create and manage commissions payment schemes across our customers’ various sales channels. This way, we can create the right incentives for sales teams and align them with the company’s strategic objectives.

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Some features of the solution offered are:

  • Automation of commission calculations and online distribution of commission statements
  • Improve the efficiency of sales teams
  • Continuous tracking of major sales KPIs via reports and dashboards
  • Easy and automated creation of new procurement policies
  • Manage sales professionals’ requests for prior period commissions payments

Employee Engagement and Performance Appraisal

ICAP CRIF uses an advanced Employee Performance Appraisal system which is an integrated solution operating on an advanced web-based platform. It offers considerable capabilities in terms of configuration and customisation to the needs of the company that implements it. It offers KPI-based targeting, a system of skills and technical capabilities, 360’ feedback capability, more than one evaluator. It has a highly analytical but user-friendly reporting system, both at individual and organisational level, centralised process management and great configuration and customisation options to meet the customer’s needs. The outcome of the process can be used for advancement, development, and reward purposes.

The system aims to support companies successfully capture performance at an employee, organisational unit and company level, all in one single picture.

Digitization, Automation and Process Optimization

ICAP CRIF has the ideal digital tools to help you better manage your business processes in their digital transformation, thus contributing to the achievement of business objectives. Process automation leads to the effective fulfilment of business needs, transfer of know-how for staff development, efficient management of resources, and these are just a few of the advantages of the services provided.

Process digitization and optimization mainly seeks to interconnect processes with existing IT systems, as well as to fully control their procedures and efficiency, which can be effectively improved.


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The use of modern digital applications enables the detection and identification of critical data inside the operational environment of the enterprise, which are important for the performance of every process. Process Mining provides us with important information to link business processes with each other and helps us understand the necessary “components” missing from the workflow by fully mapping the data handled and providing important information that helps measure the business environment’s performance.

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