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Finance & Credit Risk Solutions

Business and Personal Finance Solutions

Software tools that help users to monitor their finances, their daily transactions and using AI to increase their revenue and manage their finances intelligently. In one application the whole picture from multiple banks.

Loans Origination & Credit Risk Solutions

With considerable expertise and experience Credit Risk, ICAP CRIF offers end to end software solutions for the Credit Risk Lifecycle management. New customer assessment, decisioning and collections.
In addition to the decisioning engine, ICAP CRIF offers workflow automation and archiving solutions to fully automate the credit policy as an integrated and automated solution.

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The solution can also be combined with our Digital Onboarding and Remote Selling solution for an integrated Digital customer experience.
Banks are also supported in areas such as the development, documentation or updating of their credit policy based on supervisory requirements, as well as the restructuring of procedures and the development of a credit policy manual.


Credit Risk Intelligence Solutions

A company needs to have a credit policy and implement it in practice, as this protects the company from risking its financial soundness and liquidity.

ICAP CRIF offers an integrated credit policy formulation, and credit risk analysis and forecasting solution. Credit.Eye covers companies of all sizes and incorporates predictive credit risk models for individuals and businesses.

It is an important and indispensable tool for the modern CFO.

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Credit.Eye also offers additional functionalities that are important for a business such as:

  • Building a single-screen full picture of customers’ payment behaviour and credit risk, as well as content-rich reports
  • Customer or portfolio-level late payment policy formulation and management of customers in arrears
  • Provisions based on IFRS 9 and automatic report generation


Using Credit.Eye, a business can shape its credit policy and track the evolution of any given transaction from pricing to collection. Appropriate consulting services, including legal services, are provided for problematic and complex cases, to achieve the best outcome for the business.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

The most important element for a business and its operation is planning its budget, monitoring it at regular or exceptional intervals and revising it, if necessary. In many companies, this is a very time-intensive process for managers and often leads to disagreements as regards financial figures between company departments.

ICAP CRIF offers fully automated, integrated financial Planning, Monitoring and Forecasting solutions for businesses, using technological solutions and offering significant benefits such as:

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  • Operating costs reduction
  • Monitoring both the process and its development
  • Revision at the touch of a button
  • Convergence of the commercial and financial departments in a framework of collaboration and joint operation.


These are Business Intelligence solutions, addressed to the CFO, offering rich functionality in generating dynamic reporting (BI) and organizing a business’s financial data.


Depending on the case, the solution also includes Credit.Eye, so that the budget also takes into account credit policy and forecasting issues.

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