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Open Banking Solutions

With a variety of tools and solutions, we highlight Open Banking as a business growth tool, we aim to lead the market on how to use Open Banking Data to its benefit. Open Banking is a strategic investment of CRIF which has acquired the required license to process Open Banking Data for 31 countries and has developed a large number of solutions and services such as NEOS and Credit Passport.


Open Banking data supports Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) business models as well. The new innovative model in payments and we support businesses and financial institutions in using the BNPL model. We leverage new data sources such as Open Banking Data, Digital footprint and behavioral data to assess the credit risk involved in BNPL transactions.

Credit Passport is an innovative and modern service for businesses to demonstrate to their business network their financial health and improve it. Credit Passport use Open Banking Data from the business bank accounts to calculate the business Credit Passport. Each member of this platform has access to unique tools, advisory services and financing services which will help them to improve and grow.

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