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Risk Training Institute

The purpose of ICAP CRIF’s Risk Training Institute (RTI) is to educate and train Risk Officers with modern knowledge and successful practices internationally, for more effective management of corporate risks. For the first time in Greece, a specialized training institution actively supports the work of risk management executives, not only in the financial sector but in all sectors of the Greek Economy.

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Professional Certificates

The “Hellenic Association of Risk Managers” (www.harima.gr) member of FERMA (Federation European of Risk Management Associations, www.ferma.eu) & FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations, www.fecma.eu), with the support of “Academics University of London Worldwide” and in collaboration with the Risk Training Institute of ICAP CRIF, present a series of professional Certificates in the field of Risk Management leading to the corresponding certification after examinations.


The certification by the “Hellenic Association of Risk Managers” is provided only to the members of the Association and they have the right to keep their title if they are up to date with their membership fee. The first year of registration to the Association is free of charge, provided of successful graduation from the program.


Certified Chief Risk Officer
Certified Operational Risk Officer
Certified Credit Risk Officer
Certified Credit Risk Analyst
Certified Collection Officer


The Risk Training Institute (RTI) and the Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Piraeus have created a series of comprehensive professional training programs for Risk Management executives:

  • Mastering Credit Risk
  • Mastering Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Mastering Corporate Credit
  • Mastering Risk in Governance Risk & Compliance

The effectiveness of risk management is partly judged by the application of new methods and tools for dealing with it, which, however, require the corresponding training and familiarisation. The topics of the RTI seminars are constantly updated to include all the modern knowledge and international practices that will help risk management executives in their daily lives. Their duration is usually 20 hours and they are carried out in 3-5 days.

They are daily educational programs (6-8 hours) and deal mainly with risk issues at the level of sectors of the Greek economy. Specialized partners with experience in risk management in each sector and guests from abroad will raise the level of knowledge of the participants by combining the educational material with the most successful practices in the market.


For more information, visit Risk Training Institute website.

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