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Brand Advertising in Printed Business Editions

ICAP CRIF has been issuing yearly Business Directories used by companies as a daily tool in their search for new clients and suppliers, and in the promotion of their products and services.


Furthermore, to promote Best Business Practices, ICAP CRIF issues its annual Leading Editions containing criteria-based Company and Group rankings, as well as corporate Case Studies.

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Greek Financial Directory

The Greek Financial Directory has been issued since 1964 and contains information on Sociétés Anonymes (S.A.), Limited Liability Companies (E.P.E.) and companies of other legal forms. The directory includes businesses that operate in the Greek economy, selected from the ICAP CRIF Database on commercial and financial criteria, covering the entire Greek territory and all economic sectors.

The edition consists of two volumes: A. Industry and Commerce; B. Services

Greece in Figures

ICAP CRIF issues the bilingual edition “Greece in Figures”, which presents the financial figures and financial assets of the entire Greek business community for the last two years. Specifically, it includes:

  • Figures from consolidated balance sheets, income statements and financial indicators;
  • Key figures of profitable and loss-making businesses;
  • The 300 largest businesses, ranked by sales volumes (excluding financial services);
  • Sectors’ analyses;
  • A summary presentation of the Greek economy: economic activity, demographic and social statistics, employment, wages, costs, and productivity, as well as information on public finances, banks, money markets and external account balances.

Greek Export Directory

ICAP CRIF issues the Greek Export Directory for the Athens Chamber for Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

This annual edition, with over 10,000 registered businesses, is the most reliable source of Studies, Statistics, and Information on Greek export businesses.

It is an extremely useful aid for any businessperson who wishes to expand their activities globally, promote their products, or seek new partnerships.

Click here to view online the 2021-2022 edition

Gold Anniversaries

Since 2017, ICAP CRIF has been issuing the annual, luxury Business Edition “Gold Anniversaries”, a compendium of companies celebrating an important anniversary from their establishment.  The edition includes these companies along with tributes and articles.

Business Leaders in Greece

Business edition “Business Leaders in Greece” , which has been issued since 2008 and consists the 1st LEADING Edition of our Group includes:

  • A two-year comparison of 200 Groups and 500 Companies with the highest EBITDA (by sector of activity).
  • A two-year comparison of Top 20 Groups and Top 20 Companies ranked by EBITDA increase.
  • A two-year comparison of 20 Groups and 100 Companies with the highest Net Profit before tax.
  • 100 Companies with the highest Net Profit before tax.
  • Companies and Groups that have been constantly acknowledged as Business Leaders.
  • 100 largest Companies in terms of Turnover, not included in the 500 Business Leaders of the base year.

Leading Employers in Greece

“Leading Employers in Greece” has been issued since 2011 and provides information on the value of businesses’ Management and HR practices as well as on Social Action and Offer programmes. The edition includes:

  • 500 Companies and 150 Groups with the highest number of employees.
  • 100 Companies and 30 Groups with the highest staff increase.
  • Company presentations and articles of leading Greek businesses and their executives.
  • A study on Employment in Greece and primary research on Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Companies & Groups issuing annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (GRI), and the Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Top Leading Sectors in Greece

ICAP CRIF has issued the annual edition “Top Leading Sectors in Greece”, drawing on the wealth of information contained in the Sector Studies, since 2010. This business edition is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to have an overall picture of the developments in, and performance of, various sectors.  In particular, the edition presents the evolution of selected sectors in the Greek and International markets, regarding exports per sector and their performance in terms of profitability, efficiency, financial structure, and other indicators.


It also presents the top-performing companies per sector, as well as a compact balance sheets based on the most representative businesses in each sector over the previous two years.

Leading Women in Business

Since 2012, “Leading Women in Business” discusses current matters regarding Women in Business.

Among others, the edition includes:

  • Corporate Success Stories with Businesswomen and Female Business Leaders.
  • 500 largest companies in terms of Turnover, run by Women (CEOs, Administrators).
  • 100 largest companies in terms of Turnover, with Chairwoman and/or female General Manager.
  • ICAP CRIF study and primary research on Female Entrepreneurship.
  • Presentations of Company Policies on developing female human capital.
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