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The Marketing & Sales tools of ICAP CRIF, provide critical business insights to improve sales productivity by leveraging sales efficiency and marketing effectiveness. Utilizing intelligence technology in a modern platforms, a sales professionals are able to analyze business data and build a successful sales plan for theirs business

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findbiz – Marketing & Sales Tool

findbiz in an online Marketing & Sales tool that provides essential information and modern functionalities, allowing you to achieve sales effectiveness and design efficient marketing activities.


findbiz gives access to the largest business database in Greece and the Balkans, with records on more than 1.500.00 million businesses, 3-year financial information and crucial industry insights.


“Lead score” is a unique rating algorithm enabling users to create a singular prospect profile, by setting the desired parameters and weights, which are then applied by findbiz to calculate a daily score (0-100) for each company.

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By using multiple criteria and options, you can create “smart” company lists which are dynamic and updated daily.

Whether you are interested in new opportunities, managing existing accounts, or assessing new markets to penetrate, findbiz provides corporate and industry insights to suit all your needs; most importantly the need to identify true sales opportunities.


findbiz is the ideal Β2Β platform for suppliers searching for B2B customers. It is the most acknowledged business tool in Greece and the Balkans, offering customisable promotion options.

Create a comprehensive company profile and make sure that the visitors who access your webpage can see all the information they need regarding your company and its products or services.

Enhance your online presence through banner advertising in findbiz, targeted to potential customers which are looking for companies like yours.


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Company Data

ICAP CRIF provides enriched and accurate Company Data for all Greek industries from our best-in-class B2B database of 1.000.000 businesses.

  • Create Customized Company Catalog – ICAP CRIF specializes in marketing efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing the ICAP CRIF Database for offering, updated, company data based on customer specific needs.

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  • Enrich your database – ICAP CRIF has collected extensive data from the Greek B2B market. This information goes beyond demographic characteristics and is primarily used to enrich our client’s understanding and update or cleanse their customer base.

ICAP CRIF assists clients in the optimal use of data in order to maximize the return from their customers and enlarge their customer portfolio. Moreover, it gives a better customer insight and it makes sure that more B2B prospects will be targeted more effectively.


Kompass Solutions

In partnership with Kompass, ICAP CRIF provides access to the most widely known business and marketing data website,



Kompass Easy Business is a global B2B marketplace that enables you to find new business leads abroad, providing Marketing & Sales capabilities:

– Prompt and accurate business information with detailed profiles of more than 53 million companies.

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– Targeting on specific regions, industries, services, or products

– A tool for creating marketing lists based on:

  •    56,500 product categories, and
  •    66 specific search criteria

– Access to:

  •    millions business contacts, phone and emails




Stand out from the crowd by increasing your search results with the unique SEO solution for B2B companies offered by Kompass.

Booster gives you the power to increase your long-term visibility on the web and stand out from your competitors with a high-quality online presentation of your company in our Global B2B Portal (17 million views per month globally) and search engines, to attract B2B buyers: add your products, upload company news, videos, and catalogues.

Booster will help you also to increase trustworthiness and legitimacy of your company. This extra layer of credibility is especially reassuring to exporters and importers.

D&B Solutions

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers, Dun & Bradstreets Marketing & Sales tool, detects global Business opportunities and provides competition information, for easier and more efficient sales.

It is an online tool that delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth. Through D&B Hoovers you can easily find and contact new customers worldwide, export company data, be well prepared to communicate with potential customers, as well as get information, evaluate and monitor the competition and the industry of interest.


D&B Hoovers provides access to:

  • Data for 100+ million companies
  • Information on >1.000 industries
  • 80+ million contacts



D&B DUNS Registered Solutions     

 The opportunity for significant transactions is everywhere on the internet.

D&B DUNS Registered Solutions seek to enhance the trust and confidence that your audience invests in your company and helps establish your credibility. This online presence achieved through the DUNS Registered Solutions enables you to increase your reach to new markets and win business opportunities, both local and global.


D&B D-U-N-S Registered is an electronic mark displayed on your website, in the form of a logo. A click on the D&B D-U-N-S Registered logo, displays information about your company that has been verified and validated by D&B and ICAP CRIF.


Additionally, a customized electronic signature is provided, which can be used as a signature in emails and all marketing and corporate communications. The Electronic Certificate displays your company information once clicked.

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