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Enrico Gambi
Director, Head of Analytics and Advanced Analytics Consultancy, CRIF Group


Enrico is a Director of CRIF S.p.A. He leads a global team providing analytics, advance analytics and innovative tools to the CRIF Digital Solutions and the CRIF Data Driven Solutions such as Trust Digital Score, Neos, Catch, Pfm and Bfm, Crifstudio and the Credit Bureau Scoring Suite, always leveraging on the power of Data, both traditional and new.
Prior this experience he has held the role of Senior Manager of Prometeia S.p.A., Italian provider of consulting services and software solutions, with full responsibility of the project activities and ERM Solutions for the Intesa Sanpaolo Subsidiaries. Since 2017 he was responsible for the Egyptian operations, managing all commercial and project activities of Prometeia clients in Egypt, leveraging on a newly local team. In his multi-year experience as a Risk Management advisor, he has worked with more than 40 clients in Italy, Eastern Europe and North Africa. Before joining Prometeia in 2015, he has spent 7 years working in Intesa Sanpaolo Group as Head of Scoring Models and Risk Control department. Before this experience, he has covered the position of Analytics Manager of CRIF S.p.A., his current company, a global firm specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, digital and credit solutions.



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