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ICAP Sector Study: Cheese products in Greece

The total domestic consumption of cheese products in Greece rose in the period 2017-2018. Cheese products as a basic foodstuff show (as a whole) a low elasticity of demand in terms of sales price and disposable income. However, these factors shape the final demand among the different categories (varieties) of cheese.

The Greek cheese industry has a wealth of productive businesses, most of which are small and medium-sized. Large industrial companies have organized distribution networks, covering almost all Greek territory. Small and medium-sized enterprises meet the needs of local markets, but also channel some of their products to other (geographic) markets. In addition, the industry includes a significant number of small family dairies, which are exclusively local. The number of importing companies in the industry, most of which are active in the wider food sector, is also worth mentioning. The largest of the leading companies in the industry maintain a wide distribution network and import a wide variety of products from European Union countries. Some of them also maintain direct relationships / partnerships with multinational companies in the dairy / cheese industry. A significant part of the imports relate to products intended for professional use (mass caterers, catering).

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