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The program “ Financial evaluation of Clients and Suppliers ” provided by ICAP CRIF training solutions is fully adapted to the Romanian accounting standards for the evaluation of non-listed companies and to the International accounting standards for the evaluation of companies listed on the stock exchange. Economic knowledge is not needed, but it also helps gradually build the skills needed to financially assess customers or suppliers.


The program is specially created for the Romanian market, where participants will learn to interpret financial statements, assess short-term liquidity, management effectiveness, efficiency, viability and long-term credit risk, by using many practical examples from the latest financial statements. of Romanian companies, exercises and case studies.


By the end of the program, participants will:

  • be familiar with the basics of the business and will understand how they are impacted by daily transactions;
  • understand and be able to use data from financial statements in order to make informed decisions;
  • understand how their proposals / decisions affect the results of the organization;
  • find out why their organization requires certain financial results;
  • master the three fundamental financial statements (balance sheet, receipts and cash flow) of customers / suppliers and how they compare with competing companies in the same industry;
  • understand the importance of working capital management for the company’s liquidity;
  • be prepared to assess the financial position of customers / suppliers, using the appropriate financial ratios;
  • learn how to determine a customer’s credit limit and how reports can be used to assess credit risk.


Trainer: Carmen Mihaela Bulau

Carmen is a financial professional with over 10 years of experience in Treasury and Credit activities. As Chief Financial Officer at Sidma Romania SRL, she has implemented and supervised a series of scoring models to establish credit limits for the company’s clients and is responsible for creating and implementing the Credit Policy. She has collaborated with major European insurance companies (including Euler Hermes, Coface, Allianz, Garanta) on credit insurance issues.

In addition to her practical experience, Carmen is responsible for the professional training of the staff involved in the credit control activity for the employees of the Sidma Group in Romania and Bulgaria.

Carmen is a trainer certified and accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications.

The program is addressed to employees involved in credit control, sales, procurement, supply, logistics, financial analysts and controllers, who want to develop their financial and credit risk assessment skills.


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