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Trade Exchange

Trade Exchange by ICAP CRIF  is a very accurate Credit Information Exchange network in Romania. It combines ICAP CRIF’s credibility and experience in Database Management and Credit Risk Assessment with the long – standing knowledge and experience of D&B, which as the worldwide leader in the field of Business Information has already established similar networks in 40 countries.



According to the worldwide experience, 90% of companies which face bankruptcy are characterized by volatile transactional behavior or payment delays which are high above their sector’s average and which in most cases begin 15 to 20 months before the bankruptcy event takes place.


As a member of Trade Exchange you will have access to exclusively designed products through which you will be informed of the credit profile of your current and prospective customers, while you will be receiving free analyses of your portfolio.


Specifically, your membership to Trade Exchange will provide you the tools to:

  • Determine more precisely the credit terms and limits provided to your current and prospective customers according to their payment behavior and credit exposure in the market.
  • Find out payment delays in your customers’ transaction behavior that will allow you to deal proactively with possible default cases.
  • Focus your collections efforts to your high risk customers and reduce your Days Sales Outstanding improving your cash flow.
  • Positively influence the payment behavior of your inconsistent customers by using the special invoice stickers offered to the Members of the Program.


Trade Exchange program is governed by a special confidentiality agreement which assures Members of the security, integrity and non-disclosure of their credit data as well as their identity to third parties.

ICAP CRIF applies Operating Regulations for the collection, processing and security of the data that the Members contribute to the Program.

The implementation of the above is supervised by an independent audit mechanism in the context of strict procedures that ICAP CRIF has adopted to safeguard confidentiality and security of data from the parties involved.

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